happy father’s day!

We had a special Father’s Day at the Mebo home, this being the first with our son, Toby! We hope you all had an awesome day celebrating and remembering the special man in your life called ‘dad’!

We also had the opportunity to take some Father’s Day studio portraits at our church. Those will be up soon, but in the meantime, here’s a shot to hold you over!



pose of the week

We like to try new things…so that we can get people who step into our photo booths to try new things! So, we’ll be thinking of a new idea each week and posting it up here. If you’re going to be in one of our upcoming events, be ready to try them yourself!!! We’re taking requests and suggestions so if you have any ideas for crazy/wacky/cool poses, just add it in the comments and we’ll do our best!

For our first weekly pose, something we’ve suggested to several of our bride & grooms: dip! For some reason, its been one of those things that are harder said than done. We’ve had stiff bodies and even some near drops! So we tried doing it ourselves to get the hang of it and now we’re ready when we suggest it again!


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