cure search retirement party photobooth!

It’s not often we meet someone who’s dedicated 21 years of their life to working at a single company and it was definitely our first time being part of a retirement party of such a person!  At today’s event, the star of the party (literally, as you see from some of the pictures below!) was a sweet little lady that was clearly loved and would be missed after her retirement by all the great folk at CureSearch in Arcadia.  It was a great privilege to be part of the celebration and to help capture some memories.

To all who were there today, thanks for having us there with you!  You all were a great, fun bunch to take pictures of!  The full album of pictures can be found here (note: the password is the first name of the star of the party!) and below are a couple of our favorites from the day! Enjoy your shots and we hope to see you all again!

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massage envy mission viejo holiday party photobooth!

What a crazy party we were at tonight! We celebrated the holidays with Massage Envy Mission Viejo down at the Irvine Hilton and boy do they know how to have fun!  The party was hosted by Eric and Tracy, the most awesome bosses we’ve seen!  They really put a ton of effort into making this a holiday party that all their (lucky) employees would remember!  The music was bumping the whole night, the people were crazy (no doubt the bar helped!), and the resulting pictures were just awesome!  We even had a surprise visit from Santa and Mrs Claus!

If you were there tonight, we had a great time with you all! Like we heard some of you saying, you massage therapists really are a crazy bunch! Below are some of our favorites from the night for you to enjoy. You can see the full album here! (the password is the main manager’s first name!)

Enjoy your pictures!  See you all again!

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