Photo Booth Pricing And Packages

Please note: Pricing is subject to change, so contact us to reserve your event at these prices as soon as possible!

The Basics

No matter which of the packages below you choose, the following are what you can expect from us always, all the time, every time!

  • ALL our equipment!  – this includes our full traveling studio with strobes, backdrop, umbrellas, etc, as well as our giant 36″ LCD viewing screen so that your guests can see themselves as their shots are taken!  this also includes our HUGE collection of photobooth props!
  • ALL our creative juices! – we pride ourselves in aiming for new, unique, & creative poses at every event!  we literally sit down before each event and scour all sorts of different sources of information, looking to have ideas ready to suggest to your guests when they need a little ‘kick start’!  we always come in a pair of two (Neilsen, Lucy, Pricella, & Jennifer) and aren’t just there as photobooth ‘attendants’, but more like photobooth ‘creative specialists’!
  • ALL our professional service!  – every package includes the full photobooth service with on-site printouts (one for each guest in every group), a DVD of your full-sized images with our MeboPhoto processing applied (sent to you after the event), and of course we handle all of the setup and tear-down; all your images will also be uploaded online immediately after the event so that your guests can quickly download and share and enjoy the memories ASAP!

So if those are what you can expect from every package, what are the differences?  Mainly:  the number of hours, the number of prints, the number of prop themes, and a couple of super, fun add-ons that may or may not be for your event!  See below for details and contact us to let us know what catches your eye!

Strip’em Package$995 $845

Treat your guests to print outs of the wacky shots they take on a photo strip, with your own design on the bottom to remind Photo Strip Package!them of your amazing event! Photo Strip Package!Their pictures will be printed on site, ready for them a few minutes after they take their shots. Our clients and their guests rave about it!


  • 3 hours of crazy picture taking
  • up to 300 prints
  • (note:  unlike most photobooth services, we do not print 1 or 2 copies for each group, we print a copy for each and every person in every group!  at most typical 3 hour events, 300 prints works out to be just the right amount)
  • your choice of 3 prop themes (see here)

Scrap’em Package$1495 $1095

This is quickly becoming our most popular package!  Bring the fun of scrapbooking to your event! Scrapbook Package! Not only do your guests get a copy of the photostrips to keep for themselves, they also get a chance to leave a scrapbook copy, personalized in their own style, for you to keep! We’ll bring all the materials, and your guests will fill in the rest! After the event, your scrapbook will be mailed to your home to enjoy over and over again!


  • 4 hours of crazy picture taking
  • UNLIMITED photo strip printouts
  • your choice of 4 prop themes (see here)
  • 12″ x 12″ event scrapbook
  • in addition to the copy that every person in every group gets, we print one extra copy for the scrapbook!
  • all the scrapbooking essentials: scrapbooking sheets, pens & markers, glue, scissors, etc!

Stand’em Package$1995 $1595

Do you like options?  Book Package!Want everything we can throw at you? Get the Stand’em Package!   Unlimited photo strip printing, up to 5 hrs of photo booth service, on-the-spot scrapbooking, a photo book of all the shots taken during your event, choice of five sets of props from our collection, AND a life-sized cardboard stand up of yourself to be used as a prop! (ever wanted to know what your friends really think about you?)


  • 5 hours of crazy picture taking!
  • UNLIMITED photo strip printouts
  • your choice of 5 prop themes (see here)
  • 12″ x 12″ event scrapbook & supplies
  • in addition to the copy that every person in every group gets, we print one extra copy for the scrapbook!
  • all the scrapbooking essentials: scrapbooking sheets, pens & markers, glue, scissors, etc!
  • photo book album of all your shots
  • full-body, life-sized, cardboard stand up! (we will get together with you beforehand to take a high-quality shot of you for printing. The cutouts are yours to keep!)


Upgrades & Add-ons!

Magnetic printouts! – $75 / hour

This NEW feature that we’re offering turns your guests’ (already cool) photostrip printouts even cooler by printing on special magnetic photopaper! These make for extra special party favors which can be stuck to fridges everywhere so that your event is remembered frequently for a long time!

Due to the limitations of printing on special paper, however, this upgrade is not available when Scrapbooking is also requested.

Extra time! – $200 / hour

Often guests will have so much fun with the photo booth that you can literally hear them groan when its announced that times up! You can make sure that doesn’t happen by extending the time for any of our packages! (we do require that these additions be requested prior to the event)

Idle time! – $100 / hour

We typically do not find there is need for idle time, but if your specific planning requires us to be set up in advance but not go live until a later time or shut down for an extended period in the middle of the event, just let us know! Please contact us with details of your plans so that we can help work out whether idle time is necessary or not!

Travel fees!

We currently serve the Los Angeles and Orange counties and are based in zip code 91745. For events outside this area, there will be a slight extra cost ($3.50 per mile for each mile over 45 miles from us) to cover transportation/time expenses. Please contact us directly for your specific needs!

Credit-card processing fee!

The majority of our payment is handled by check. If that is not an option for you and you need to pay by credit card, we have a slight fee (3% of the total) to cover what we’re charged to receive credit card payment.

After reading through our pricing & packages details, if you still have any questions, please don’t hesitate to drop us an email at! The prices are subject to change, so don’t wait to book your event!

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