phi delta epsilon winter ball photobooth!

Today we were part of the 2011 Phi Delta Epsilon winter ball hosted by UCI, held at the Reef restaurant in Long Beach!  Everyone was dressed up with a masquerade theme, many with matching masks and attire, and some couples having matching outfits too!  It was great being around this group of college students with all their energy and fun!  The music, provided by 3D Sounds kept things lively all night.  We had a great time there!

If you were there tonight, thanks for all the fun! You guys were really creative with the chalkboards! We’re still working through all the photos (you all took a TON!), so make sure to check back in a day or two for the full album.  In the meantime, here are some of our favorites from the night for you to enjoy! Feel free to check out the other galleries on our site while you wait.  Thanks again for the great time together!

Update: thanks for the patience in waiting for the full album! We have a good reason for the delay! Some of you noticed that Lucy looked a little pregnant at the party…well, we got a little surprise 3 weeks earlier than expected and needless to say, our to-do list got a little scrambled! The photobooth pictures are all up now though and you can access the full album here! (the password is the common, shortened name of your fraternity…it has five letters).  We hope you enjoy reliving the memories!

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luke & rosemarie wedding photobooth!

What a fun (and long) afternoon/evening we had!  We had the privilege of being a part of the wedding of Luke & Rosemarie today at the Lucky Star restaurant in San Diego.  The place was setup with blacklights so that everything glowed, there was a candy/desert bar with powdered donuts (yum!), we saw the most awesome introduction video for the bride & groom, and of course, we set up a wedding photobooth and had some fun with all the guests!

If you were there tonight, we had a great time with you all!  You all had so much energy and we could see it since you all came back for more…especially the kids!  We hope you had fun making memories together!  Below are some of our favorites from the night for you to enjoy.  For the full album of shots taken, click here. (note:  the password is Luke’s last name!)  We hope you enjoy!

(if you’re on Facebook, we encourage you to check out your pictures there and tag anyone you recognize!)

Congrats again to the newlyweds!  We wish you all the best!

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