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First of all, we just want to say that it’s an honor that you’re considering bringing us to be a part of your special day.  Your wedding is one of the most important occasions in your life and we feel blessed to share in it!

The idea for MeBo photo began in the fall of 2007 as we began preparations for our own wedding.  As we spent lots and lots of time (as you no doubt have!) looking into decorations, flowers, food, favors, guest lists, photographers (and the list goes on!), a question popped into our minds:  after the picture-perfect (hopefully!) day was over, what would we have to remember the most important part of the wedding–our guests?!

Some would be flying in from thousands of miles away, others making a several hour drive just to be there.  This would be the only occasion where all of our loved ones would be gathered together, just for a moment, to celebrate with us.  How could we make sure we got great, fun, high-quality images of them to remember forever?

This is where Neilsen’s background as a photographer came into play.  He first entered the world of photography in college, shooting with film SLRs.  He then jumped into the world of digital photography with the advent of the first digital cameras and since then, a camera has never been far from his reach.

We took his experience and equipment in studio photography, coupled it with some custom software he wrote, sprinkled in some fun props and ended up with an ingenious setup.  Add in the innate wackiness and fun-loving of our guests and what did we get?  Hundreds of AWESOME memories captured in our very first photobooth!

With that great experience behind us, the inevitable idea soon followed:  let’s offer this same experience to others who are tying the knot!  And so today, that’s what we’re making available to you!  The equipment has been upgraded, our experience has been added to, and the set up is a bit more professional.  But at the heart, its still the same:  presenting an opportunity so that you will have great memories of your loved ones to cherish forever!

We love what we do and give our best to it, but honestly, our work is not our life!  In our free time, we’re blessed to spend time loving & caring for our growing family (3 little boys and 1 little girl so far!) and privileged to serve at our church in Hacienda Heights.  For us, the most important purpose in life is personally knowing our God and Savior Jesus Christ and serving Him by making Him and His amazing love, grace, and forgiveness known to people everywhere.

And so, we look forward to and count it a privilege to get to know you and—-if it works out that we’re a good fit in your plans—-to serve you on your big day!


'Hello!' from our little family!

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