7 Ways to Use Your Photobooth Pictures!

So you’ve been at an event and had some fun in our photo booth, you’ve had a chance to look through the full album of all the crazy shots that you and your friends and all the other guests took. Now what? What do you do with those awesomely captured digital memories? The worst thing you could do is to just leave them sitting on our servers, slowly rotting digitally away. Downloading them to your computer to be stored away for some future time when you look back on your old pictures would be a little better, but there’s definitely more you can do!  Here are a couple ideas to get those great, fun photobooth shots out in the world!

1.  share them!

Let’s start with the basics!  In this digital day and age, you’re probably connected with everyone–from your friends to your relatives, to the guy that packs your groceries at the supermarket–through social media.  So if you haven’t done so already, this first one should be a no-brainer!  Tweet them!  Put them up as your Facebook profile!  Email them out!  Post them on your blog or wherever it is you open up your life & thoughts to the world!  How about using Smilebox to quickly create little presentations to share digitally with your friends?

These are the quickest and easiest ways to share your wonderful memories with the masses in just a couple clicks!  If you haven’t entered this world yet, now’s a great time to do it!  And if you do open up one of these accounts, drop us a message so we can connect with you too!

2.  distribute them!

Once you’ve taken care of the “basics”, there are couple other ways to get these memories out to others!  If you were the host of the event, use the images you got as personalized thank you cards!   If you’re planning on hosting your own event soon, use them to make custom invites!  And while you’re at the whole snail-mail thing, why not make your own custom stamps to put on the envelopes?  That really adds to the wow factor!  And of course, don’t forget to just print them out and include mail your images to those friends and relatives who are little “technology-adverse”!

3.  customize them!

Actually, what we mean is, use them to customize some of your gadgets!  These are some of the cool new ways of adding your personal “brand” to some of the devices that you use on a daily basis!  Check out iSkin.com for tons of great options to making a custom skin/cover for your iPhone, iPad, or other phone!  Other great ideas include custom laptop bags, mp3 player skins, and more!

4.  mess with them!

Most of the pictures that we get out of our photobooths are crazy enough as it is, but there are some times when you just want to take it to another level!  If you’re feeling that, here are some fun ideas for you to try out:

5.  wear them!

If you want to be especially bold in your style and brand, how about turning your shots into things that you actually put on?  Think custom T-shirts, caps, hoodies, or even a quilt to “wear” on those cold nights!

6.  archive them!

Let’s not forget the classic ways of keeping track of all the memories gone past:  photo albums, photo books, scrapbooks, collages, canvases, wall mounts, and the like.  It’s true that these take a little more time to put together and require you to *gasp* slow down, have a seat, and actually work on it, but often this is one of the best ways to spend some time together with your loved ones, reliving the memories even as you work.

7.  save them!

Here’s one that’s often overlooked.  Even while we save our pictures to our computers, print them out, store them in albums, and things like that, we often don’t plan for the unexpected.  What would you do if all of your memories were destroyed by some natural disaster? stolen by thieves? lost by neglect?  hardware failure? software crash?  pesky virus?

How much would it be worth it to you to get those back?  Should that ever happen to you, you will be grateful that you planned ahead and had a duplicate copy of your images stored offsite with a company such as SmugMug.  There are plenty other companies that offer this service, so do your research.  But please don’t just *hope* it doesn’t happen to you!

Now obviously there are more than 7 ways to make use of your pictures.  If these still aren’t enough, don’t forget about the oldies but goodies:

At the end of the day, what’s the point?  USE YOUR PICTURES!  Don’t let them die a digital death, tucked away somewhere never to be seen, remembered, or enjoyed!  Keep those memories alive…literally!…by sharing them, distributing them, customizing them, messing with them, archiving them, and saving them!  We hope these suggestions help you and yours enjoy the memories for years to come!

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