mayra’s 18th birthday & graduation photobooth!

We had some fun tonight at the Hurst Ranch in West Covina with Mayra and family and friends, celebrating a combo of her 18th birthday and high school graduation! We were impressed by how beautifully everything was set up and even more so later when we learned the detail that went into the plans! Everything from the candy station to the gorgeous centerpieces (thanks again for letting us keep one!) to the presentation of eighteen roses was done so beautifully, it was a privilege to be a part of the celebrations!

If you were there tonight, we had a great time with all of you! Below are a couple of our favorites from the night for you to enjoy while you wait for the full album (which should be up in a couple days). While you wait, head on over to our Facebook page where you can tag these favorites and get everyone else in on the fun! If you like our Facebook page, you’ll be notified when the full album is ready for downloading.

Update: the full album of shots are ready! You can check it out here! Mayra’s 18th birthday and graduation photobooth! (note: the password is Mayra’s last name)

Congrats and best wishes again to the birthday grad!

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