C&D Zodiac holiday party photobooth!

(if you’re looking for pictures from JR & Susan’s wedding photobooth tonight, check out this post)

Easily the largest party we’ve been to, Neilsen & Pricella had a great time with everyone tonight at the C&D Zodiac holiday party…all eight-hundred of them! The party was held at the grand & beautifully decorated C&D corporate office, spanning all three floors of the building, and was just filled with jazz-themed music and entertainment all night long.

If you were there tonight, thanks for all the fun and energy! You guys were really crazy, especially toward the end of the night! Below are some of our favorites for you to enjoy. The full album of shots will be posted in 3 or 4 days, so make sure to check back for them! “Like” our Facebook page to be notified when they’re uploaded.

Thanks everyone!

Update: the full album of shots are up now! You can view and download them here! C&D Zodiac holiday party photobooth! (note: the password is the second word in the party theme. you can find it on the bottom of your photostrip printouts. Jazz & _____) Enjoy your pictures!


JR & susan wedding photobooth!

Jennifer and Lucy had a wonderful time with JR & Susan and their guests tonight as the happy couple celebrated tying the knot! Held at the Wintersburg Presbyterian Church, we saw familiar faces from a few of our recent events, which is always awesome. Michelle and Lisa from Me & Serendipity did a great keeping everything running smoothly and on time (thanks!) and we had a great time!

If you were there to celebrate tonight, thanks for all the fun! You were all so lively and creative and easy to get great shots of! Below, you can see some of our favorites from the night. The full album of shots will be up in a couple days so please check back! If you “like” our Facebook page, you’ll be notified when everything is up for viewing & downloading.

Thanks again and congrats to JR & Susan!

Update: the full album of shots are up! Download them here! JR & Susan wedding photobooth! (note: the password is JR’s last name)

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