travis & laura wedding photobooth!

We ended our busy but fun weekend with an awesome time over at the Maravilla Gardens, celebrating with a super cool couple, Travis and Laura!  The scenery at the venue was absolutely gorgeous, with the valley, fields, and mountains in the background, especially as the sunset.  Everything was revolved beautifully around a vintage style, from couches and tables, right down to the provided stands for the photobooth props!

We had wonderfully fun and EASY time running the photobooth with a crowd that was so natural in front of the camera and quick to come up with crazy facial expressions and gestures that perfectly matched the ideas they were going for.  The way eyes, brows, mouths, and even nostrils were controlled so perfectly was really impressive to us!

If you were there tonight, thanks for all the laughs we were able to share with you all!  We’re working through all of the pictures and will have them up in a couple days.   In the meantime, below are some of our favorites to hold you over!  If you like our Facebook page, you’ll be notified as soon as we upload the full album of pictures.

Update: full album of shots are up now! Travis & Laura’s wedding photobooth album! (note: the password is on your photobooth strips! or, you can contact the B&G for the password!) Thanks and enjoy!

Congratulations again Laura & Travis!  You guys are awesome and we wish you the best in marriage!

Remember, if you don’t see your pictures up there, the full album will be up in a couple days!  Just like our Facebook page to be notified when that happens!

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