matthew & tani wedding photobooth!

Tonight as we drove into the venue for the evening’s celebrations with Matthew & Tani, we felt more like we were in the middle of a drive-thru safari than a wedding!  Complete with tigers, zebras, and other exotic animals, Ranchos Los Lomas in Silverado, CA was a wedding location like none we’d been to before!  Everything, of course, was beautifully decorated and run smoothly thanks to the awesome coordinating of Melody (always a great experience working with her and her team!)  The groom is actually a firefighter and so we got an inside look on how firefighters act when they’re not busy being heroes, including some of their interesting wedding rituals such as “coring”!  We’re really looking forward to seeing all the great pictures taken by the photographer Christine & her team!

If you were there tonight, we had a ton of fun with you all!  Thanks for your willingness to try random things, including taking your shirts off!  We’re working through all the shots and the full album will be up in a couple days (we’ve got a busy weekend planned, so please be patient!).  If you “like” our Facebook page, you’ll be notified as soon as all the pictures are uploaded.  And in the meantime, please enjoy some of our favorites from the night!

Update:  full album is up now!  Matthew & Tani’s wedding photobooth album! (note:  password is Matthew’s last name!)

Thanks again Matthew & Tani!  We wish you all the best in marriage!



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