tony & anna wedding photobooth!

We had a great time tonight at Tony and Anna’s wedding! Their reception was held at a beautiful home in Claremont, and it was filled with loving friends and family, a great band and DJ, and even an extremely talented face painter (who did some amazing work, especially the Avatar mask!)! All the great memories from tonight were captured by Aimee and Hanh, who were both incredibly sweet and friendly photographers! We can tell that Tony and Anna were meant for each other and they were so fun to watch in the photobooth! If you were a guests there tonight, thanks for the many laughs (especially in all the craziness that happened toward the end of the night)! We had a blast with you all!

Below, you can find some of our favorites from tonight!   We’re working on the full album of shots and should have them up sometime in the next two days.  If you’d like to be notified when they’re posted, simply “Like” our Facebook page or the album.  And while you’re there, we encourage you to comment and tag anyone you recognize!

Update: the full album of shots can be viewed here! Tony & Anna’s wedding photobooth album (note: the password is Tony’s last name)

Congratulations again to Tony & Anna!

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