frank & anna wedding photobooth!

Wow! What a night! It was our first time stepping foot into the beautiful Dorothy Chandler Pavilion and we had a great time having a photobooth there! The sweet newlyweds, Anna and Frank, sure know how to put together an elegant and beautiful wedding! The couple’s pink theme was seen everywhere, from their reception decorations, wedding favors, and even the photobooth backdrop! They also had a silhouette cutout artist there! Sylvia and her team from Sylhouettes By Sylvia were amazing at making cutouts of people’s profiles! Props to the My Bride Story crew who helped make it all happen!

To all the guests who made the night so much fun for us, thank you! We loved all your wacky and creative poses and loved how so many of you came back for seconds, thirds, and even fourths! We’re still processing the pictures, but here are some of our favorites from tonight! We’ll be posting up the full gallery soon, so check back later for those!

Update:  you can view & download the full album of pictures here!  Frank & Anna wedding photobooth album (note: the password is Frank’s last name)

Congratulations to Anna and Frank! We wish you both the best!

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