cure search retirement party photobooth!

It’s not often we meet someone who’s dedicated 21 years of their life to working at a single company and it was definitely our first time being part of a retirement party of such a person!  At today’s event, the star of the party (literally, as you see from some of the pictures below!) was a sweet little lady that was clearly loved and would be missed after her retirement by all the great folk at CureSearch in Arcadia.  It was a great privilege to be part of the celebration and to help capture some memories.

To all who were there today, thanks for having us there with you!  You all were a great, fun bunch to take pictures of!  The full album of pictures can be found here (note: the password is the first name of the star of the party!) and below are a couple of our favorites from the day! Enjoy your shots and we hope to see you all again!

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