raymond & stephanie wedding photobooth!

Wow, what a great day! We had the privilege of setting up a photobooth at the wedding reception of Raymond and Stephanie at the New Capital Seafood restaurant, not too far from home! We were pleasantly surprised, bumping into some old friends and even people who’ve been through our photo before! (what a small world!) And of course, there were plenty of new faces to have tons of wedding photobooth fun with! Special thanks go to Jay, the wedding photographer from Chocolate Photography, who was our test subject and got things rolling!

If you were there tonight, thank you everyone for all the fun and laughs you brought! You all were so creative and wacky! (and thank you for being so concerned about making sure we ate to keep up the energy!) To look through the full album of memories you all made this day, click here (the password is Raymond’s last name). Below are a couple of our favorites from the day. We hope you enjoy!

Congratulations again to Raymond and Stephanie! We wish you all the best!

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