rowland high school prom group pictures!

To follow up on the last post, we had a lot of fun working with this (big) group of high schoolers heading out to their proms! Here are the group pictures we took that day!


rowland high school prom photobooth!

We had the opportunity to take some photos and set up a photo booth for our friend Pricella and a group of 25 of her friends for their high school prom! What an experience! We had to be efficient with 10 minute sessions with each couple/person so we could make sure to get pictures of them all individually and also as a large group. It was great!

While they waited their turn, they got a little crazy in the photo booth. A little numbers factoid: at a typical wedding, with around 250 guests, we average around 400 shots over 3 hours. This group of only 26 high schoolers, in the same span of time? One. Thousand. There were a lot of awesome shots, it was hard to filter them down, but here are a couple of our favorites! Enjoy!

(to all of you who were there on Saturday, you guys were awesome! dressed up as you were, you still got crazy and creative with your poses! hope your prom was a blast!)

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